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Saleeg & The Menace from Above & Fishy & Coffee! - 2023

IN CINEMAS 2nd February
30 Minutes
IN CINEMAS 2nd February
Saleeg: A lonely grandmother living in a neighborhood full of strangers must confront her stubbornly independent nature when she accidentally causes a pot of boiling rice to overflow, turning into a flood threatening her house.
The Menace from Above: In the shallow waters of the Red Sea, a happy-go-lucky fish is forced to set out on a journey to save the sea creatures from the soulless monster before it kills all life underwater.
Fishy: Two children, Layali and Shadi, navigate the harsh realities of war and its profound impact on their lives.
Coffee!: Coffee! follows the harrowing journey of a young woman named Suhad, whose life is plagued by relentless nightmares as a result of her stressful lifestyle and chronic insomnia. The boundaries between reality and the world of dreams blur, entangling Suhad in a treacherous web of distorted perceptions. In this tumultuous landscape of dreams, the laws of physics give way to strange occurrences as the signals of the various elements collide inexplicably, sometimes sharply.